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1908:1320 digital photo frame success with gphoto / libgphoto2

Hi, as a non-developer I had reported a lack of success in using a digital photo frame under Debian:


Hans de Goede had reported success with supporting digital picture frames with the following USB ID's:


on his web site http://hansdegoede.livejournal.com/9183.html and provided a link to http://picframe.spritesserver.nl/wiki/index.php/UsingAsPicframe which provided generic instructions.

I had obtained more recent source ( from the Sourceforge repository:


and subscribed to the mailing lists which are also available on gmane.org, but require registration to post:



[Aside, it is not easy to find the web pages for mailing lists on Sourceforge]

To build on Debian I did the following:

apt-get build-dep libgphoto2

apt-get source libgphoto2

and downloaded libgphoto2 source from sourceforge and unpacked it.

I copied the debian directory from the Debian source to the libgphoto2 directory and removed some non-compatible patches from debian/patches, leaving:

10_disable_cache               45_increase_canon_timeout  80_kfreebsd
11_hurd_no_path_max_bsdsource  70_increase_max_entries    series

I also installed libgd2-xpm-dev (libgd2-xpm was already installed).
Without libgd2*dev, the source code will build but will not be able to transfer picture files to and from the frame successfully.

I then built and installed the created packages:

cd libgphoto2-
debuild -b
cd ..
ls -t *.deb|head -2|xargs dpkg -i

and also ran:

libgphoto2- ./print-camera-list udev-rules version 136 > /lib/udev/rules.d/40-libgphoto2.rules

Then as a user I could run:

gphoto2 --shell

and move picture files from the photo frame. I have yet to resize and convert to PNG format images to upload to the frame.

Thanks to Hans de Goede for his work in getting this digital photo frame working!


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