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Re: Icedove trash icon appears only after trash is emptied

On Thu, 19 Aug 2010 18:20:55 -0500, Elmer E. Dow wrote:

> Icedove's trash icon disappears when I reboot. It reappears only after
> doing File -> Empty Trash.  This is a recent occurrence.
> How do I fix this? I'd like to have the icon visible so I can retrieve a
> discarded file if necessary.
> I'm using Lenny with FluxBox on an IBM R40 laptop.

Try to recreate the Trash folder by moving or renaming (do not delete) 
these files and restarting Icedove:

~/.mozilla-thunderbird/profile.default/Mail/Local Folders/Trash
~/.mozilla-thunderbird/profile.default/Mail/Local Folders/Trash.msf

Before doing it, just check the current Trash folder is empty (contains 
no data).



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