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Re: mdadm without initramfs

In <20100815190053.GA4521@gandalf.home.lxtec.de>, Elimar Riesebieter wrote:
>How do I set up mdadm to create the root array witout an initramfs?

You can't.  mdadm is a user-space binary that can't be compiled into the 
kernel images.  Therefore, to run mdadm you need an initramfs, or the file 
system containing '/' must already be mounted by the kernel.

Last I checked, it is possible to have the kernel itself start the root array, 
via a (series of) kernel command-line arguments.  However, this doesn't use 
mdadm or any of its configuration files.

Similarly, mdadm doesn't read the kernel command-line, so it is possible the 
configurations to diverge.  It may be possible to have a GRUB2 hook to 
generate the kernel command-line arguments from the mdadm configuration, but 
I've not seen such a hook.  In the absence of such a hook (or when you are not 
using GRUB2 as your bootloader), you should simply use an initramfs.
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