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Re: Why is troubleshooting Linux so hard?

On Sun, 15 Aug 2010 02:00:52 -0400, Borden Rhodes wrote:

> I'm going to list some of the frustrations I've been having with
> troubleshooting Linux's quirks, crashes and problems in hopes that
> someone may be able to help me (and the community) become better bug
> reporters and troubleshooters.  I'll make comparisons to Windows only
> because I am used to fixing the same problems in Windows a certain way -
> maybe there are analogies in Linux or maybe I'm approaching these
> problems the wrong way.  I'm not trying to troll or flame-bait.  I'm
> using Debian Squeeze, by the way.
> 1) Is there a way to apply debugging symbols retroactively to a dump? 


Dunno, but in all the time I was using linux, never had to install a "-
dbg" package to solve 99% of the problems :-)

Anyway, true is that every piece of code (kernel, gnome apps, kde apps, 
mozilla apps...) have their own system for debugging problems.

> 2) I find that the logs contain lots of facts but not a whole lot of
> useful information (if any) when something goes wrong.  


Ugh, in windows is even worst :-(

I find linux logging to be very useful (for finding "real" problems) and 
highly configurable. Is not uncommon to have a verbose switch available 
for every program that tends to provide very detailed information.

The problem here is knowing "what" (what program is involved in the 
crash) and so "where" to look into. Expertise helps here.

> 3) Linux needs better troubleshooting and recovery systems.  

Yes, I agree this point can be improved and automated. But -generally 
speaking- I find linux debugging system to be far useful than Windows one.



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