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Re: Re: Can only access Debian website through proxy: SUCCESS

Resending to the list, again :-)

Pierre, remember to send your replies to the list, not the user.

>snip snip snip

> Still unable to use web browser to go to www.debian.org without proxy

Yes, because you are being redirected to an "unknow"? host :-?

A quick try: use openDNS dns servers instead your router's ones.



Sorry, I can only send where proxy permits me to send..

Ok, reconfiguring router with alternate dns for opendns...Router rebooting... typing www.debian.org (no proxy) into Iceweasel.....

*****SUCCESS******** I am now on the webpage and navigating !!!!!

Why am I the only one on this network who needs opendns to access debian--- WHO CARES-- This community is what makes debian so great.

Thank you very much :-)

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