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OTT: OpenFiler vs Thecus N4200?

Hi There,

Sorry if this is a bit 'Off The Topic' discussion. I am planning to get 
fileserver dedicated for iSCSI.

My option is to grab Thecus N4200 or to build OpenFiler with any Duo-Core CPU, 
>1G RAM, RocketRAID 644 controller, and other basic PC stuff.

I have been googling to compare OpenFiler vs FreeNAS (winner for me: OpenFiler) 
and cheap iSCSI capable barebone NAS from Thecus vs QNAP (winner: Thecus N4200)

When it come to comparing between OpenFiler vs Thecus N4200, I can not get any 
goodies from google. I used OpenFiler for a bit, creating 2 or 3 iSCSI target, 
share folder, but only for short time, just for a fun.

My concern:
- HDD realibility check (live error check, reporting when one of the HDD 
faulty/bad sector/etc)
- RAID/iSCSI re-sizing when I add another HDD
- Easy to maintain

So, if anyone expert can give me a light, would be much appreciated. For a 
started, I will only go with 3x2TB HDD for either option, to be RAID-ed as RAID5

Deeply Thanking you in advance,


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