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On Wed, 04 Aug 2010 01:57:45 -0700, Jimmy Johnson wrote:

> Camaleón wrote:


>> So maybe a KDE bug/problem? :-?
> I read those bugs and their problem seems to be with KDE and numlock,
> while my problem is with numlockx and the latest kernel, it may also
> have to do with kde, not sure as it works as expected when I remove
> numlockx, kde turns numlock on after login, numlockx turns numlock on
> before login and that is what I want.
> It is turning numlock on but the status light is off while numlock is on
> and the light is on when numlock is off, so the status light is not
> working as expected and this seems to have happened since installing the
> latest kernel.

Dunno why are you thinking this is a kernel issue.

- Does the num lock works as expected on tty? 
- Does creating a new user and login in a KDE session works?

> Should be a workaround to just change the status of the light!?! 

"numlockx" should not be needed anymore in KDE as kdm has an option to 
handle that from "kdmrc" config file :-?



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