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Re: need native app to listen to internet radios

> 2010/7/30 Madhurya Kakati <papul@sliced.co.cc>
>> Is there any good native linux app for streaming online radio? I
>> prefer shoutcast.
>> Thanks

vlc is good for both listening to streams and sending streams.

Listening is incredibly easy, the following command will do it

vlc -I dummy "$url"

where $url = the url of the stream. Note the -I dummy part just the
GUI from loading, ie it is ideal if you are running off a command
line. You can safely omit that part and will get the vlc GUI
displayed as well (assuming you have X running).

sending streams is a little more complicated because you should
define things like output port and codec type - for more info I
would start with the docs on the vlc website, in particular


Regards, Tim.

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