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Re: Linux filesystems was [Re: Debian cd supporting ext4.]

Op 28-07-10 21:34, Aniruddha schreef:
> Agreed, it was hardly a double-blind randomized trial :) On a more
> serious note: off course these tests don't prove anything. On the
> other hand I have heard  so many time that XFS can't handle a single
> power failure without data corruption that I wanted to see for myself
> what happens if you power off a pc. with an XFS filesystem. Apparently
> not much. There might other problems hidden with XFS,just like ext3 (
> when copy pasting a home directory to another location I once lost the
> whole directory due data corruption on ext3).
As with all research, showing that something does not fail is
notoriously hard. Showing that something fails given a specified set of
circumstances, on the other hand, is dead easy.
Yes, you did show that a poweroff does not destroy data. By the way,
were you writing data? I think there's no filesystem that *can* fail
when data is only being read, sort of hard disk failure of course...


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