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Re: Linux filesystems was [Re: Debian cd supporting ext4.]

Dne, 28. 07. 2010 03:53:43 je Paul E Condon napisal(a):

Have you ever heard of the term 'invincible ignorance'?

Also, you have asserted with some vigor upstream

Your original post ... IMHO, was correct but somewhat harshly worded.


IMHO, Stan's deep, invaluable expertise is sometimes, regrettably, undermined by his own "vigor" and "harshly worded" attitudes; some people may be put off by his dismissive tone. I know I am. As is Volkan Yazici, if we may judge from one of his replies to Stan:

BTW, I still couldn't understand your temper and rudeness.


Klistvud, one of the
unwashed mass of invincibly ignorant people

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