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Re: Internet filtering

On Mon, 26 Jul 2010 20:26:29 -0400, "H.S." wrote:
> On 26/07/10 07:38 PM, vr wrote:
>> What is a good utility to block outbound traffic on the home network?
>> Ideally it will not need to be set in a browsers proxy setting to be
>> effective.
> You need to describe your network and the desired control to get some 
> relevant answers. Without knowing these details, the generic answer is 
> to use a firewall on your internet gateway.

The service provider (ATT) provided a four port 2-Wire router that is both
wireless and wired.
It has very few options for firewalling and is required to connect to
their service.

I have uplinked an two HP 1800-8G switches to the ISP's device and plugged
in my devices there.  The LAN has a macintosh client, a couple Windows 7
clients and a few Debian clients and a network printer. 

I'd like the flexibility to selectively stop outbound protocols up to and
including Instant Messenger file transfers but do so without having to
configure something specific on the client devices. Other than a new router
IP perhaps?

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