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Re: [OT] Debian cd supporting ext4.

Dne, 26. 07. 2010 14:08:50 je Wolodja Wentland napisal(a):
> 1. If it is trustable/secure as the stable Debian (for for now all I
> have is just phrases like "believe me" w/ no any farther approval from
> the Debian project). In other words and including of all I have on
> that item is this: I can not make strong relationship of the author's
> work w/ the Debian project - I have been told he is one of the
> developers but, searching for any info on him at the debian.org or a
> list of developers - was unsuccessful for me.  So, I even can not
> check the fact as if he is still the Debian developer

Go to http://db.debian.org/search.cgi and search for

First name: Kenshi
Last name:  Muto

Which will provide further information about Kenshi like his IRC name
(i.e. kmuto) and his GPG fingerprint. You could also check for his key
in the "debian-keyring" keyring.

> . Also, I do not know the Debian project developers
> opinion|accreditation on his this work (the CDs he makes).

Google for "Kenshi Muto Debian" and "Kenshi Muto site:lists.debian.org" and you should get enough information to answer that question. I am not aware of any "official" Debian initiated poll that answers the question "What do you think of kmuto's work?" and doubt that something like this
will/should ever happen.

Given that there is at least one known *wife-murderer* among filesystems developers and that, according to lore, there have been quite some *weed-smokers* among the early GNU developers, isn't all this overscrutinizing of poor Kenshi Muto starting to feel a bit disproportionate?

Just my 2 offtopic cents :)


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