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Re: Upgrading from Lenny to Squeeze - Howto?

On 7/21/2010 4:17 AM, Jochen Schulz wrote:
Paul Chany:

I decide today that I'm going to upgrade my Debian GNU/Linux Lenny to

I try to search on debian.org site for an exact howto for this, but
find nothing. Mayhep I don't know how to search effectively?

The keyword you need to look for is "release notes". You will find this


Unfortunately, all of the links on this page lead to a 404 error page.
That means there is no official howto yet. As an approximation, you
might replace "squeeze" with "lenny" in the URL above to look for
lenny's release notes.

Upgrades to squeeze will have its own quirks, for example the
grub->grub2 migration. Maybe wiki.debian.org helps you with these in
case you are going to try it.

Another quirk some may come across is the udev problem. Upgrading the kernel before upgrading udev is essential. I expect this will be in the release notes eventually. Many people have upgraded successfully without knowing this, probably by upgrading both at once, but it is worth knowing.

(The current squeeze udev requires a recent kernel version, version 2.6.26 is too old; see bug #571255.)

(BTW, I have upgraded one of my lenny machines a few weeks ago. Apart
from the grub upgrade, everything went smooth. It is just a little
annoying to keep up with the daily updates on this machine and
postgresql-9.0 isn't installable at the moment.)


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