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On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 01:14, Michal <michal@sharescope.co.uk> wrote:
>> USB is for flash drives, printers, etc.
>> Nothing good ever comes of using USB for sound or LAN
>> OP, M-Audio makes good cards as does Asus (Xonar series). Just don't
>> get anything from Creative. You would have more choice if you went PCI
>> instead of PCIe, and PCIe doesn't really have any particular benefits for
>> sound cards (unless you are building a small form-factor computer that
>> only has PCIe slots or something).
>> Actually, unless you are doing something special with audio (producing
>> music or DJing or something), it really makes sense to go with the
>> onboard sound chip. Via Envy24 chips are good, as are most that
>> conform to the Intel HDA spec (including the very common Realtek
>> chips that implement that spec (ALC88x and ALC1200)) .
>> Cheers,
>> Kelly Clowers
> Have external sound card moves the processing off the CPU, good if you have
> a low powered computer or are trying to get the maximum out of it, gaming
> for example (Though admittedly most hardcore gaming is done on Windows). You
> do also get better quality from an external card, but whether you would
> notice that is down to the person, and debatable

An onboard sound chip does the same processing as a PCI sound card -
they are not like winmodems. True, a card can get you better sound, but
the modern onboard chips are darn good, unlike the ones from say, 6+
years ago which where pretty sad.

Kelly Clowers

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