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Re: cloning/saving system

John Lindsay wrote:
I am currently using debian lenny as my primary computer. It's a Dell Dimension 8300, P4, 3.4G with 1G Ram. 60G HD. I also have a Dell Optiplex GX620 which currently has win7 on a 300G HD with 1.5g ram. I will be removing files from the win7 and storing them on DVDs and installing Debian on it. How can I clone/transfer my current working machine with all it's files/programs like thunderbird/iceweasel etc to the GX520 and still retain a working system?


PS I have file backup manager 'Pybackpack' currently running but I don't think that is what I want.

Thanks for all the info on the above. "SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED" has persuaded me NOT to do as I planned. She likes the system as is and refuses to let me change it. Thanks anyway as I did learn a lot by following up the suggestions on clonezilla etc.


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