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Re: Debian virus/spy-ware detection and detection technique.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Jordon:

> If you must because of incoming mail try using ClamAV. Which a lot of
> servers are readily able to integrate and unless you're dumb enough
> (and this is just a subjective opinion) to allow elevated privileges
> without knowing what the program is, or you run as root, you won't
> run into any problems (normally ~ lets not forget the possible
> potential security hole ~ it's happened before) with something
> jacking your system.  Even though Linux is open too, if it's in the
> repo somebody manages it, so you can always assume that software
> found in official repositories is safe.

I was using untrusted live/installable CD/DVDs to rescue my OS - of
course I did use root privileges. And therefore I'm concerned before
and now.

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