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Re: cloning/saving system

Dne, 18. 07. 2010 16:43:32 je Mark napisal(a):
> Backup Windows first, put the old HD into the new computer, boot up to > Linux (you might have to edit Grub at this point) then dd the MBR to the > new drive on the new computer, then sync the rest of the drive either
> using rsync, copy or dd. Then move the HD's back in their original
> places and edit grub again.

Or you could just use Clonezilla.

Even GParted apparently has an option to "copy partitions" these days. Of course, it must not be run from one of the disks you're trying to clone, those have to be unmounted. A live system would be fine. But, whatever of the above methods you choose, you should be aware that it will also clone fstab, partition labels, UUIDs and so on - so you should plan ahead to change that manually afterwards, if needed.


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