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Re: cloning/saving system

On 7/18/2010 7:20 AM, John Lindsay wrote:
> I am currently using debian lenny as my primary computer. It's a Dell
> Dimension 8300, P4, 3.4G with 1G Ram. 60G HD.
> I also have a Dell Optiplex GX620 which currently has win7 on a 300G HD
> with 1.5g ram. I will be removing files from the win7 and storing them
> on DVDs and installing Debian on it. How can I clone/transfer my current
> working machine with all it's files/programs like thunderbird/iceweasel
> etc to the GX520 and still retain a working system?
> John
> PS I have file backup manager 'Pybackpack' currently running but I don't
> think that is what I want.

Backup Windows first, put the old HD into the new computer, boot up to
Linux (you might have to edit Grub at this point) then dd the MBR to the
new drive on the new computer, then sync the rest of the drive either
using rsync, copy or dd. Then move the HD's back in their original
places and edit grub again.


Jordon Bedwell

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