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Re: No sound from Flash, but other methods work well

On 07/17/2010 02:02 PM, Ron Johnson wrote:
> Sound plays fine from local sources but not from Flash/Iceweasel. (Yes,
> Flash *video* works.)

I sure remember struggling with flash audio issues over the years!
While I am clueless to offer additional hints on possible solutions, I
do have a trusty workaround for many (not all) flash renditions and
confess to using this regularly for playback navigation and speed control:

Pause playback in flashplayer.  The file will continue to download.
Launch mplayer, play the file.   Enjoy the movie.
ralph@spike ~$ cd /tmp;ls  |grep Flash |xargs mplayer

Regards and good luck,

P.S. Please cc: on replies as I'm not currently subscribed to d-u.

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