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Re: udev not assigning group correctly for scanner

On Thu, 15 Jul 2010 05:10:02 +0200, briand scribbled:

> device `epson2:/dev/sg1' is a Epson GT-9700 flatbed scanner
> crw-rw----+ 1 root root 21, 1 Jul 14 18:57 /dev/sg1
> here's the rule it looks like it should be matching :
> # Epson Perfection 2450 | Epson GT-9700F | Epson Perfection 2450 PHOTO
> ATTRS{idVendor}=="04b8", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0112", MODE="0664",
> GROUP="scanner", ENV{libsane_matched}="yes"
> Because, you know, that's the scanner I have :-)
> So I'm not clear on how I can figure out whether a rule was matched at
> all, and if it was, which one was matched.
> Also, what's the best way to add rules to /etc/udev to force "my" rules
> to be checked first.  Do I simply add a rules file with a low prefix
> number ??
> Thanks,
> Brian

Humor me, I suggested lspci -nn earlier and it's still the way ...
udev will be matching on the vendor and device id fields.  In the stanza 
that's 0x04b8 and 0x0112 respectively.  If your device doesn't return 
those values then it isn't a match regardless of what the comment says.

(PS, you'd be surprised what is considered to be PCI ...)

Bill Dennen			ieee1014@hotmail.com
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