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Re: simple way to securely destroy deleted files in a file system

On Vi, 16 iul 10, 21:03:42, Andre Majorel wrote:
> If you're feeling paranoid, you could fill with junk instead of
> NULs to protect against any optimisation at filesystem level.

<bad joke about perl>yep, that sure looks like junk</bad joke>

>   perl -e '$bytes = int (1e4 + 1e6 * rand);
>     for $n (1..$bytes) { $noise .= chr (int (rand (256))) }
>     while (print $noise) {}' >/mnt/sdc1/zeros.bin; sync

dd if=/dev/random of=/bigfile_to_fill_the_disk

(or /dev/urandom if /dev/random is too slow)

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