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Is it gdm3 that is logging me out?

Over the past few weeks there has been a change in my system behaviour.

I frequently get back to my screen to find the gdm greeter inviting me to log in again. At first I thought it might have been the screen saver, but unlike when the screensaver wants you to login in, all the programs that were running seem to have terminated. In other words it appears I have been logged out.

This is extremely annoying - edits that I might have been making are not saved - and more than once now I have lost quite a bit of work.

I can't see how to turn this behaviour off. The screen saver is NOT set to lock the screen. I can't see any options set in /etc/gdm3 anywhere that might cause me to get logged off after a timeout.

I am sure there is a configuration controlling this somewhere. Can anyone point me to it.
Alan Chandler

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