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Re: No lvm2 volumes after kernel update

Sorry, this is not a reply but in initial message to the list.

> Are you using the kernel to autodetect the LVM volumes (using type
0xfd). It 

Well I use only the kernel modules (dm_mod) and let userspace do its
mainly debian's /etc/init.d/lvm does the job well. It relies on pvscan 
detecting the volumes.

There never was mdadm or md on this box, only one single disk /dev/sdb 
containing no partition table but the physical volume.

> Also, did you specify any of /dev/hd? in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf? The new

As said, no mdadm tools on this machine. I actually have a
(its contens is "DEVICE partitions" only), but it is not owned by any

> treats IDE devices as SATA devices so you will use /dev/sd? to specify
> hard disks.

I thought of that already, but the disks are SATA so the were named sda
and sdb any


PS.: Pleas CC me, since I am not on this List.

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