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Re: RAID Questions

Kent West wrote:
>> Bob Proulx wrote:
>>> I recommend that you ignore the hardware raid and instead use software
>>> raid.  The Debian installer can set up software raid for you at system
>>> installation time.  It is easy.  But it is also a little confusing.
> ...
> It still wasn't easy, but it worked.

I probably shouldn't have said it like that and given too much of an
impression there that it was too trivial.  Because I admit that the
debian-installer is a little confusing on one particular area and that
is setting up RAID and LVM.  But I don't know how to make the use
model better.  Without a suggestion I can't complain about it.

The confusion I see people go through is that initially there are no
visible settings for RAID or LVM on the top level partition display.
First you have to set up a partition to be either RAID or LVM and then
the option of configuring it appears on the the top level display.  It
is logical and makes sense and I have been through it so often I don't
think about it anymore.  But in helping others I have seen many people
stumped at that point because the first action is in a sub-display
menu and there isn't a hook to drag them down to it from the top.

The guided setup using lvm works fairly well though.  I just used it
for the first time and was quite happy to see that the default actions
all seemed to do what I wanted them to do.  I think in the future I
will be able to recommend guided partitioning with lvm with everything
in one filesystem and expect the d-i to set it up automatically.

> Thanks for the info!

Glad to help.


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