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Re: Lenny Suspend to Ram tip sharing

On 2010-07-09, Mark <mamarcac@gmail.com> wrote:
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> I have been researching for close to 6 months now and trying different
> things, to finally have stumbled on several tips tonight that I combined to
> make a working solution that I wanted to share if others do not have suspend
> to ram with Lenny working in hopes this may help, since this list has
> offered me plenty of help in the past.  The machine is a Dell Inspiron 8600.
> -no custom grahics drivers installed (i.e. no nvidia-kernel-..., nothing
> nvidia special just the kernel drivers)
> -video card is an nvidia geforce go 5200
> To get suspend to ram to work:
> -install uswsusp package
> -during Gnome session (not tested with KDE) Ctrl-Alt-F1
> -login, then su to become root
> -issue s2ram command
> Upon restarting, Ctrl-C to see a prompt again, then Ctrl-Alt-F7 to get back
> to Gnome.

Is gnome-power-manager installed? It allows you to achieve the above
simply by closing the lid.

> I've been testing it pretty hard tonight and it's worked everytime.  About
> to try it on a Dell Latitude D800 and see if it works there also (fingers
> crossed).

I have found support for Dells to be very good with regard to

Liam O'Toole
Cork, Ireland

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