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Lenny Suspend to Ram tip sharing

I have been researching for close to 6 months now and trying different things, to finally have stumbled on several tips tonight that I combined to make a working solution that I wanted to share if others do not have suspend to ram with Lenny working in hopes this may help, since this list has offered me plenty of help in the past.  The machine is a Dell Inspiron 8600.

-no custom grahics drivers installed (i.e. no nvidia-kernel-..., nothing nvidia special just the kernel drivers)
-video card is an nvidia geforce go 5200

To get suspend to ram to work:

-install uswsusp package
-during Gnome session (not tested with KDE) Ctrl-Alt-F1
-login, then su to become root
-issue s2ram command

Upon restarting, Ctrl-C to see a prompt again, then Ctrl-Alt-F7 to get back to Gnome.

I've been testing it pretty hard tonight and it's worked everytime.  About to try it on a Dell Latitude D800 and see if it works there also (fingers crossed).

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