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Re: A "magical" HDD formatting question.

On Friday 09 July 2010 00:53:55 Sthu Deus wrote:
> Is there a way to:
> . boot from internal HDD then
> . chroot or whatever to externel HDD (with the same Debian clone
> copy)
> . format the internal HDD,

pivot_root is supposed to do this in a way that allows you to umount the old 
'/' cleanly.  It is used in modern initramfs.

> . move the OS back from external to internal HDD?
> I have to do so because it is impossible for now to boot from CD/USB.
> And I want to move from ext3 to ext4.

You can use some of the ext4 features on a existing file system by using 
tune2fs to turn them on.  That would eliminate the need for a "format" and re-
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