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Logitech MX 5500 Keyboard + mouse problem since recent squeeze upgrade

I am running amd64 squeeze on an Intel Core i7 920-based machine with
8GB RAM. I built the machine about a year ago and have been running
squeeze on it since.

I use a Logitech ("Logicool") MX5500 wireless keyboard and mouse combo. 

For about the last month or so I hadn't updated packages -- not for any
particular reason, just hadn't gotten around to it. The other day I did
-- and now my keyboard is not working.

The keyboard and mouse work fine in Windows (on another machine). The
keyboard also is working as the machine is switched on as I can use it
to select boot kernel in GRUB. It's once Debian starts booting that it

This is exactly the same symptom I observed a few months ago when the
upgrade from udev 151-1 to 151-3 or something introduced a mod
to /lib/udev/rules.d/70-hid2hci.rules which was supposed to fix a udev
bug but broke a lot of people's keyboards in the process. I successfully
applied the manual fix for that at the time and have since allowed udev
to upgrade naturally with no subsequent problems.

So naturally, the first place I looked was udev. I note udev is now at
version 157, so I wondered if it was broken again. There don't seem to
be any bugs to this effect logged, so I thought I'd give udev from sid a
go since it doesn't seem to introduce any dependency problems.
Installing sid's udev (v158) did not fix it.

I have googled around for this and don't see anything newer than the
last flurry on this subject a few months ago as referenced above. It's
almost like no one else is having this problem... :-(

I noticed that the kernel has also been upgraded to 2.6.32-5-amd64, so I
rebooted and selected the old kernel (2.6.32-3-amd64) and that did not
help either. 

Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? Any advice? I am not sure
what other information I should provide that would help diagnose the
problem... Right now I am having to use this
easily-most-powerful-machine-in-my-network via ssh only from other
machines as I don't have a spare keyboard and mouse to switch to it.
Really want to get this machine fully back on its feet ASAP so any help



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