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[OT] Network Bizzard

Hi People,

Today I found a network problem which being fixed but I can not explain why/how.
So if someone can enlightening me, would be much appreciated

Network situation:

Level 4 in the building
1 network router (gateway and DHCP server)
1 Debian file/print server
5 windoz Xp
2 Printers
1 gigabit switch 16 ports (lets call it G1)

Level 5 in the building
3 windoz Xp
1 gigabit switch 16 ports (G2)

Level 5 is a new office, where I need to connect the share drive from Debian using samba (via webmin)
after connecting 2 PC successfully, all of a sudden, all network are down.
Debian can not even ping router, no workstation able to open share drives, ping to each other

Then I found out that there are 2 LAN cable connected between G1 and G2, port 15 and 16 connected each other
Although after I disconnect port 15 on both switches everything looks OK, that was on 4:30, where only 3 people left in the office

My humble confusion is
Is that THE reason (that 2 ports connected both G1 and G2) why suddenly the network gone bizzard?
I need to re-check it next 2 days, but I want to make sure I won't be screaming to the cable installer wrong thing


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