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Re: Problem for installing gplflash

On Tue, 29 Jun 2010 11:54:35 +0200, Lounis ILLOURMANE wrote:

> Hello;
> When I tried to build gplflash I got
> ...
> checking jpeglib.h usability... yes
> checking jpeglib.h presence... yes
> checking for jpeglib.h... yes
> checking for gzsetparams in -lz... yes checking zlib.h usability... yes
> checking zlib.h presence... yes
> checking for zlib.h... yes
> checking for X... libraries , headers checking for XOpenDisplay in
> -lX11... no checking X11/XKBlib.h usability... yes checking X11/XKBlib.h
> presence... yes checking for X11/XKBlib.h... yes
> *configure: error: cannot find X11 development files*

Are you on a 64-bits system?

Maybe the configure is looking into the wrong path for X11 devel files :-?



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