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Re: How do I recover from modprobe mistakes?

On Lu, 28 iun 10, 12:42:28, post id wrote:
> > 
> > Did you try rebooting? ;)
> > Explanation: modules loaded only "by hand" with modprobe
> > will not 
> > persist after a reboot.
> That's a relief. It reminds me once again that Linux is safe enough 
> for idiots like me. 

Actually, with root access you can do a LOT of damage and the system 
will not prevent you.

Experimenting is a good way to learn, but be sure to have good backups 
of all data you care about and mind that it is possible to permanently 
damage your hardware (as you already found out), so you might want to do 
it on a spare machine.

> So to permanently insert a module, I'd use insmod, right?

No. You should to read 'man modprobe' and 'man insmod'. To have a module 
loaded automatically on every boot you can list it in /etc/modules.
> Is there any way of telling when a module was permanently loaded using insmod?

There is no such thing as "permanently loading a module". Even if for 
some reason (bug) the module can't be removed from the running kernel 
you can still reboot the machine (and blacklist the module from being 
loaded automatically if necessary).

If you want to have a driver permanently loaded you have to recompile 
the kernel and configure the relevant driver to be compiled in instead 
of an external module. There is a lot of documentation about this on the 
big web.

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