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Re: Understanding my recurrent network connectivity problems

Camaleón wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Jun 2010 14:09:27 +0200, Merciadri Luca wrote:
> Good.
> After reading your comments, it seems to be a problem within the router 
> (you said that "sometines" you cannot reach the web interface and that is 
> a bad signal). And as router is the "glue" for the rest of the devices 
> (computer <-> router <-> modem) any network pause or slowness you may 
> experience can be a consquence of it.
> I am not familiar with you setup as I use "all-in-one" devices (ADSL 
> bundled modem-router) and in my case, yes, sometimes the modem-router 
> gets "stuck" and I have to powercycle the device to get it operative 
> again.
Okay. But then, how would you explain the modem LEDs to be constantly
lighted when nothing works?

Merciadri Luca
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