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Re: Understanding my recurrent network connectivity problems

Merciadri Luca wrote at 2010-06-25 04:57 -0500:
> For one week now, I sometimes `loose' any access to the LAN and the WAN.
> Here is the way I am connected to the Internet:
> ISP (house's wall) -> ISP modem (RJ-45) -> D-Link DIR-635 router (RJ-45)
> -> Switch (RJ-45) -> (this computer).
> When trying to use my Internet connection, I sometimes encounter some
> load page error from Firefox. Checking the modem's LEDs, I notice that
> the RECEIVING and SENDING LEDs are then constantly lighted. Well, this
> is not normal. I then try to go to my router's webpage, i.e.
> (this is my (LAN) DHCP server for ->, and
> it does not load. I then reset the router, and everything then works
> right once the router has acquired the IP from my ISP's DHCP server. But
> if I switch off the router, say, for 10 mins, for example, the modem
> continues lightning its LEDs. But when the router is re-plugged, and an
> IP address is acquired from my ISP's DHCP server, the modem turns off
> the two respective LEDs, and everything is okay on the computers.

You've probably already checked this, but is the switch connected to a LAN port 
on the router and the modem connected to the WAN port?  If the modem were 
connected to a LAN port, then that puts 2 DHCP servers on one network and 
causes weirdness.

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