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Administrating wview on a meteorologically-dedicated computer: tips / advices?


I am going to install and manage wview (see
http://www.wviewweather.com/, not commercial) on an university computer
for some project. I know that this is a really nice tool, but, as there
are many chances that I will be going to install the whole from scratch
(Debian, etc.) on a dedicated computer, do you have some advices / tips
for such an installation? I guess no, but who knows? If somebody has
already had some nice (or not) experiences with wview, or with a
meteorologically-Debian-y-dedicated computer, I would be glad to here
from you.

Thanks folks!

Merciadri Luca
See http://www.student.montefiore.ulg.ac.be/~merciadri/
I use PGP. If there is an incompatibility problem with your mail
client, please contact me.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

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