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Re: mising ~/include/linux/version.h 686-bigmem

On Monday 21 June 2010 01:47:42 Liam O'Toole wrote:
> On 2010-06-21, Greg Madden <gomadtroll@gci.net> wrote:
> > I am using 32bit Lenny.  I added more memory ,I wanted to use the
> > 686-bigmem kernel.
> >
> > The Nvidia package install, from nvidia's site, complains about missing
> > the version.h file.
> >
> > Searching I found the solution was to install the kernel source and do a
> > 'make oldconfig' with the .config file from the bigmem kernel.This works
> > but I haven't had to do this with the stock 686 kernel & headers so I was
> > wondering if it is a Debian header issue for the 686-bigmem kernel.
> You just need to install the linux-headers package corresponding to the
> kernel against which you want to compile the module. It helps to keep
> the dummy packages linux-headers-2.6-686-bigmem and
> linux-image-2.6-686-bigmem installed: then the headers will always
> match the kernel.
> --
> Liam O'Toole
> Cork, Ireland

I see I was not very clear, i have the headers package installed, which Is why 
i was wondering why the 686-bigmem headers didn't work.



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