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Re: mdadm doing strange things

On 19/06/10 23:54, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
Alan Chandler put forth on 6/19/2010 1:20 PM:

I have a server with a pair of raided (RAID1) disks using partition 1,2
and 4 as /boot root and and and lvm volume respectively.  The two disks
are /dev/sda and /dev/sdb.  They have just replaced two smaller disks
where the root partiton was NOT a raid device - it was just /dev/sda2
although there was a raided boot partition in the first partition.
Hardware only supports 2 sata channels.

I wanted to revert to root partition to the same state as one I just
took out, so I failed and removed sdb

_why_?  This doesn't make any sense.

The new system I had just built used the Nouveau driver for my Geforce graphics chip, and that in combination with standard settings for Hauppage Nova T 500, was stuttering and then locking up when watching TV with Mythtv. The symptoms were that the Nova T stuff was was failing

The old system was built with proprietary NVidia Driver and maybe (I can't remember) built from source Nova T stuff. That had worked perfectly for the last 6 months or so with no locking up.

The (supposed) quickest way to try it was to revert to that system. But the disks I had taken out where too small for the other jobs I need this box to do so it was a question of copying the fully configured system over.

Alan Chandler

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