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Re: partition re-sizing

On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 7:03 AM, Jim Pazarena <debian@paz.bz> wrote:
> Does debian have a native way to re-size a partition which
> can be run live?

"parted" should be the choice. you can also use a gui of it, like gparted.

what do you mean by live?
in most cases, you can only resize a unmounted partition

> I tried G-Parted which appears to work, but the next boot
> generates a CRC error during the boot expansion.

how big was your partition.
i suggest backing up your data, and reformat the partition to the new
size. resizing is a risky job.

> This is a custom boot kernel on a CF chip. I am placing the
> image on a much larger CF chip and then expanding the partition.
> The process worked in the past, however the latest custom iso
> image seems to be locked with this CRC thing.
> Thanks for any tips.


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