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Re: Web browsers, Adobe Flash & Debian

On Thursday 10 June 2010 16:43:29 ABSDoug wrote:
> --- On Thu, 6/10/10, John Hasler <jhasler@debian.org> wrote:
> > Iceweasel is not merely a clone of Firefox.  It _is_
> > Firefox.  It's
> > called Iceweasel in Debian because Mozilla doesn't want
> > Debian to use
> > the trademarked Firefox name.
> Thanks for that clarification. In doing some more reading... isn't Firefox
> the most important FOSS software out there? Even MS people that don't know
> Linux know Firefox, someone I read pointed this out. But maybe this is off
> topic?

On MS Windows, Firefox is a salvation from the mess that is Internet Explorer.

In most free software distributions, it is just another web browser.  It is 
popular, but it's not my favorite or the one I use the most.

On Mac OS X, why aren't you using Safari?

Its importance depends on where you measure.  Debian refuses to alter the 
requirement that the security team be allowed to release patched versions of 
the software without approval from outside the team.  This is incompatible 
with the License of the Firefox trademark; so Debian uses a version of the 
Firefox source code that does not contain the trademarked items.
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