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Re: ntfs-config

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 01:28:52PM +0800, 刘宇辉 wrote:
> 2. make dir that you want to mount ,here i assume it as /mnt/ntfs
>   $mkdir /mnt/nfts

Pay attention: /mnt belongs to root:root, so you should run mkdir as root

ABSDoug, did you try to make a little research by yourself before asking?
I Googled with keywords "mount ntfs debian" and got nice blog post as a first
link. All this details were described there, including not only automounting
using fstab, but also mounting by hands (it's not hard at all) and nice note
for beginners about "umount". Why don't you try to help yourself by yourself
(that probably sounds awkward for native speakers - excuse me if so)?

Alexander Batischev

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