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Re: Acer Aspire One wireless issue

--- On Tue, 6/8/10, Joe <joe@jretrading.com> wrote:

> The first question is whether it picks up anybody's router.
> Is is a wireless problem, or a compatibility problem?
> Actually, the first first question is whether wireless is
> even turned on. I once got my Aspire One into a state where
> the wireless could not be enabled. After an hour or two, I
> turned to other things, and a couple of days later noticed
> that the wireless light was back on. I still have no idea
> why this happened.

Sorry. To be more clear, I get wireless connection in Ubuntu 9.10 & XP, but in Debian, no signal, not mine, not the neighbors.

> As I'm sure you know, Ubuntu is based on Debian, so it
> shouldn't be hard. Personally, while I run a Sid workstation
> and Lenny server, I've gone for Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my
> Aspire One, as Debian is a general-purpose OS, and UNR is
> targeted specifically at netbooks. Horses for courses: I
> wouldn't use Sid on a server, nor, usually, Stable on a
> workstation. I just ignore the Ubuntu kiddie stuff, and I've
> added openvpn and a bit of iptables wrangling.

My reason for coming over to Debian was the latest Ubuntu 10.04. When I run torrents, after a short time I lose connection. Doesn't happen in XP or 9.10. After I tried & failed to get a solution, I started wondering out loud how it was possible Ubuntu *Netbook* addition wasn't working on my netbook. That was when the discussion of Debian stable came up.  

> But it shouldn't be hard to see what Ubuntu is running that
> Debian isn't: you have Synaptic on Ubuntu, which I find
> easier for tracking down this kind of issue than aptitude,
> which I prefer for installation and updating. Along with
> lsmod, /var/log/dmesg and a bit of poking about in /etc,
> this should solve the problem.
> UNR will run 'live', from a USB stick, so you can see what
> it does with wireless without affecting the Debian
> installation. While there's more than one way to do
> wireless, I'd stick with the way Ubuntu does it, as I know
> that works.

Or does it? It works in 9.10, but not 10.04.

> And no, if I knew more about wireless myself, I'd be more
> specific, I'm just outlining how I'd go about finding the
> trouble.

It seems like I'm in over my head. Sounds like I'd need to take a collage course on Linux or have a LOT of time on my hands. I bought & read a book, but a lot of this stuff is still Latin to me.


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