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Re: Where is the Xorg.conf - to setup XKB layouts on Squeeze?

On Sat, Jun 05, 2010 at 17:15 +0200, Paul Chany wrote:
> Paul Chany <csanyipal@gmail.com> writes:
> > Paul Chany <csanyipal@gmail.com> writes:
> >> Mitchell Laks <mlaks@post.harvard.edu> writes:
> >>> On 14:52 Fri 04 Jun     , Kelly Clowers wrote:

> >>>> /etc/default/keyboard
> >>> I agree. This is new and replaces the xorg.conf location.

> And from where you know that?

> >>> also look at /etc/default/console-setup for your tty consoles.

> If one have setup his/her console setup with console-setup tool, then
> his/her xserver uses this setup for XWindow too, right?

I don't quite understand your confusion and I am still not sure if I can
help you, because I don't know the *tool* you are using to switch
between different keymaps and its requirements.

You use console-setup (dpkg-reconfigure console-setup) and the
aforementioned files to configure your *global*/default keymap used in X
and on the console.

There are a variety of ways to *switch* keymaps within X and most
desktop environments provide their own tools to do so.
(gnome-keyboard-properties for example), but you can always use a tool
such as "setxkbmap" to switch to a different keymap without the need to
run "gnome-settings-daemon" (or other applicable DE daemons/tools). It is
fairly easy to define hotkeys that trigger different "setxkbmap"
commands in most window managers.

I have already pointed out that I don't know the tool you are using to
switch keymaps, but if its requirement is that you define *all* keymaps you
might potentially use in your xorg.xonf then this is most definitely the
only way *if you want to use that tool*. You might want to read the
README.Debian for that tool and its manpage to check if the way to setup
it changed in the meantime.

What went wrong with "X -configure" or "X -configure :1"? It is hard to
help if you don't provide any output generated by these programs? Have
you read the wiki page I linked?

Kind regards

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