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Re: Encrypted /tmp fails after recent kernel upgrade

On Sat, May 29, 2010 at 09:31:28AM +0000, Sebastian Ramacher wrote:

> No, seems to be a problem with recent upgrade of e2fsprogs to
> 1.41.12-1. Before upgrading e2fsprogs yesterday everything worked fine
> for me.

No, it's some other package. I remember seeing a message saying that
some boot utility needed to change all /etc/fstab entries from devices
to UUIDs or LABELs.

An encrypted /tmp partition won't have either, nor will it be marked
specially in the partition table the way swap partitions are. So, I'm
thinking that the /dev/mapper/tmp entry in fstab isn't being properly
acted upon somehow.

Does anyone know what package is making this change, so that I can file
a bug against the correct package?

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