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Re: Unable to connect to my home wireless

> Understood.  But what I meant was that an awful lot of people could
> potentially be hit by this, even if they're installing recommends,
> which they'd probably assume should take care of this.
> Of course.  I was just suggesting that a more precise and consistent
> definition of 'recommends' would be helpful.

Some people like it, some simply don't. It is the way
it is. There is another path to follow, the one that
was developed on bsd. To take new sources and recompile
differences or to make binary upgrade for security issues.
And to tweak Makefile to fit. Every kind has it's own
strenghts. I like apt-get on no-graphics server. And I
assume people read manuals or similar before making big
steps toward unstable ot testing versions.
Best regards


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