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Re: Chromium in Sid

* On 2010 22 May 06:42 -0500, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> Please understand releasing big packages such as this one so frequenly will
> stress many porting efforts for no obvious gains.
> There are many other packages which we are really behind.

Just a personal perception here, it seems as though OpenOffice gets
updated, mostly advancement of Debian versions, quite frequently.
Sometimes frequently enough that I get a bit annoyed at it while some
other packages seem to languish.  Again this is just a personal
perception.  I know that some packages have very active maintainer(s)
and others not.

I've not checked it out closely, but is alioth.debian.org similar to
Ubuntu's Launchpad where community members can set up their own personal
archive?  It seems as though someone who shows a personal interest and
(pardon the pun) aptitude with packaging could thus gain some
recognition and become a maintainer with a bit more effort.   Perhaps I
am all wrong.

- Nate >>


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