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Re: network setup question

Hi, Miles:

On Thursday 06 May 2010 14:12:56 Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Thanks to all who replied.  I'm starting to zero in on this now.
> A few more details:
> To follow up with a few more details:
> server1 ------ hub (switch) ------- server 2
>                 datacenter's router
> The hub is a basic $40 gigE switch (not switch/router) from datacenter.

Now everything seems obvious.

Provided there are no firewalls running either on server1 or server2 it should 
have to be as easy as (if this gives you a "command not found" you'll need to 
install the iproute package):

On server1:
`ip addr add dev eth0`

On server2:
`ip addr add dev eth0`

Now, you should be able to connect by IP from server1 to server2 and back 
(like `ssh root@` from server1 or `ping` from 


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