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Chromium Xperience

Hi all,

I have been an Iceweasel user since it entered Debian repositories. A
few days ago I discovered that Chromium was also available for Debian
and installed it.

I feel it is more responsive and is "faster" than Iceweasel This could
be due to Chromium using different task for every tab it opens and using
its own window decorations (Iceweasel uses GTK+ and I use KDE). Even
with each tab increasing the use of memory by about 30MB, it still feels
faster than Iceweasel. No real tests done here, but Chromium does win
for responsiveness to a casual user.

Being an Iceweasel user with the Adblock+ extension, I'm accustomed to
(almost) adfree web browsing. This hasn't worked as smoothly with
Chromium. There is an Adblock extension available for Chromium, but it
works in a different way that it shows the advertisement while the page
is loading and then hides the element. This is not as clean as Iceweasel
(firefox). In addition, the extension didn't block Google adverts!
Iceweasel takes this round (very important).

And then comes the topic of shortcuts. I love the "/" shortcut for
Iceweasel, Chromium still uses the two-key combination of Ctrl+F!
Another fast shortcut is the Ctrl+Shift+Del which brings up the priate
data delete box. In Chromium one has to go through either preferences or
first History > Edit Items and then delete.

Chromium was also behaving oddly when playing flash video on full
screen. The video was full screen but behind the browser window!

The Adblock+ advantage with Iceweasel is the one factor which might keep
me away from Chromium unless better adblocking is implemented.

What is the experience of other users who have tested out Chromium in


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