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Re: Configuration errors using tor, privoxy & polipo

On 05/16/2010 03:35 AM, AG wrote:
Using Iceweasel, I enable the tor button and receive a warning message
"Tor proxy test: local HTTP proxy is unreachable. Is polipo running

Well, no because polipo wasn't installed - why and when this suddenly
became a necessity I don't know, but anyway I installed polipo and
configured it according to the tutorial on
http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Polipo which, in my circumstances,
required me to uncomment this line in the config file:
 From researching this on the web, I am unable to ascertain whether or
not I even need polipo, but the preferences settings tab for the tor
button have a check-box for using polipo, so it appears as if tor is now
expecting polipo to be installed and running as default. But, I have now
reached the limit of what I know what to do or can figure out. I am also
conscious of the risk of screwing things up further in an effort to fix
this, so before proceeding further would like to ask this list for help
and advice.

I think it's polipo that you need, and privoxy that you don't need.

If you look here


I think you'll probably find the information you need. There's a link on that page to a polipo configuration file that you can use for replacing the one that gets created when you install polipo from the repositories.

I could be mistaken about this, but I think that you need to remove privoxy from the system -- or at least make sure that it is not running.


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