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Re: monitoring internet availability and sending sms alert?

Ron Johnson on 14/05/10 20:46, wrote:
On 05/14/2010 10:04 AM, Adam Hardy wrote:

Isn't this what SNMP was designed for?

There was probably a lot more that it was designed for. Plus one of the
first things to appear in google:

"Despite its acronym, SNMP is not exactly simple! In fact, it never
ceases to amaze me how much of a black art implementing and using SNMP"

But snmp relies on the network, no?

I don't necessarily want to avoid it, it's just got that 'can-of-worms'
sort of feel to it and I'm hoping I only need the little script in bash.
Or at least I did until I realised I'd have to tie ping together with
dyndns.org and smsclient. Possibly a brainer. I mean, not a no-brainer.

Shell programming is *incredibly* rich. With pipes, "variable substitution" redirection, file io, all manner of control operators, dialog/zenity, etc, etc.

If (as I suspect) you're new to bash programming, doing this yourself will open you up to a world of possibilities you barely knew existed.

I wouldn't say I'm new to it, but I'm not experienced. I write little snippets every now and again and edit system startup files etc.

This is certainly a challenge though. I guess if I can interface dyndns.org and smsclient relatively simply with options you mention, I'll probably manage it.

I might also put a check in there for other protocols like http, just in case ping happens to be the last protocol standing when the machine or connection is about to keel over! (thanks to Joe in the other msg for the tip)

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