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Re: Flash is open?

On 5/13/2010 6:31 PM, Celejar wrote:
Adobe claims that they publish the Flash specs:

I always thought that the reason for all the trouble with Flash on
Linux is that Flash was a closed standard.  If the spec is published,
why are the FLOSS players so far behind Adobe's player?  Is it just
that difficult to design a good player?

I always perceived a lack of interest. Few people really want to work on it, it seems. I root for Gnash, but I go ahead and use Adobe's non-free player.

[I see that the above could be read as a whining demand for others to
develop software for me.  I don't mean it that way at all; I'm just
curious, since I have an unbounded faith in FLOSS developers to design
great software for anything for which the standards are available ;)]


Flash may not be a priority, sense it performs two functions. One, it acts as the standard web video player. Two, it tries to be a standard web programming interface and SDK.

The former is becoming mooted by the advent of HTML5. The latter is boring, since there are 1000s of other ways to write programs that run in web browsers, e.g., Javascript. No one really wants Flash to be the go-to standard for programming, even if it offers a few shiny gewgaws. Don't you hate Flash-based sites? I know I do.


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