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Re: Replace hardware without reinstall debian lenny

On Mon, 10 May 2010 17:37:13 +0200, Vincze Janos Istvan wrote:

> My debian server will soon get a complete new hardware (motherboard,
> cpu, memory, stb.).
> Have anybody a good idea how to replace the old computer without
> reinstall the whole system?
> I have installed and configured:
> - The most important is ASTERISK PBX
> - Apache2 web server
> - Samba
> - Postfix & Dovecot
> - ProFTP
> - etc.
> I do not want to reinstall everything.

+1 for a smooth system migration without the needing of reinstalling "a 
byte" :-)

I also had to achieve that task with another linux system (not Debian). 
That time I switched to a 100% completely new machine (motherboard, cpu, 
ram, hard disk...) and used Clonezilla LiveCD.

After restarting the new cloned system, I only had to tweak GRUB to point 
to the right devices (because it used a "/dev/disk/by-id" setup). Plain 



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